Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another amazing bargain...

Yes, I do love a bargain - especially when it's a handbag.  And a Mary Engelbreit handbag, at that.  Every once in a while I peruse the potential bargains on eBay - one of my recurring search terms is "Nordic House" because I love those purses and they are increasingly hard to find - especially in decent condition for a reasonable price.  Imagine my surprise when I ran across an unused ME Nordic House bag for only $20!  Years ago, I snagged the original coated cotton ME bag and a couple of years later, I was lucky enough to find the ME Santa bag in perfect condition - both without breaking the bank.  And now I am the exceedingly happy owner of a Mary Engelbreit tapestry Love, Home, Family, Friends bag for a mere twenty-six dollars, including shipping.  It is in perfect condition and I am enjoying it!
Yes, I know, only purse collectors understand me...

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  1. Are you interested in selling this purse? I will pay top dollar - whatever you want! Davisjs130@aol.com